Photo Can politics be at the service of peace?

Can politics be at the service of peace?

When you hear about politics, it can sound like corruption, conspiracy, betrayal, war and other negative terms. However, politics is the way a government can manage its governed people and it's not really effective if its power is be held by war.

The question is “is it possible that politics can be at service of peace?” The answer is positive if there is some change to elaborate. If it is possible, what can we do? What can the government do? What can everyone do?

Politics is at the service of peace if people don't only wait for the government to move

The political field of peace action is not limited to action on the ground, by governments. Peace through politics also mobilizes values and concepts. The political paradigm is used here for what could designate the management of living together. There is no easiest way to serve politics for peace than to be involved in every step of development.

Redefine peace

A positive definition of peace should be provided. Actually, peace is not only an absence of violence or conflict; it is a lasting notion that can be generalized. The first theme of political peace action is that of conflict management. Every entity has to be a perfectionist into conflict management and should promote peace building.

If peace action through conflict management and its various processes are clearly defined in its relation to the conflict, we can already see in it the premises of a peace which is defined beyond its relation to the conflict.

Establish the real democracy politics

While Peace building presents itself as the most obvious political tool for peace building, democracy intervenes as a political value to achieve peace. It goes beyond the tool, it is an end in itself. This value is more particularly in certain actors whose organization was born at the heart of a specific political context.

As Prem Rawat, an ambassador of peace, said that although we have lost touch with peace, peace is in the heart of each of us. He believes that if enough people experience peace, society as a whole will be at peace. His vision is that the condition of society today is simply an extension of the mentality of men.

Human rights should be respected

There's no way for people who want peace and want to involve peace in politics to refuse to enforce human rights. Human Rights Commission has established that Human Rights is the corner stone which constitute the condition for peace and stability. It's unavoidable to respect Human Rights, a sort of guarantee for peace. And every government's politics should include peace because it can prevent violence, war and confrontation.

Prem Rawat was really convinced about the utility of peace in government to lead people. He said that the lack of peace manifests itself in violence, greed, ignorance, hatred and environmental destruction.

It seems impossible until it's done, said Nelson Mandela. Actually, there's neither possible way nor step that can be realized without peace. Even politics, with pejorative meaning, should be a channel of peace. And politics can be at the service of peace.